Work Sharp Riser Upgrades Update 1/13/24

This 1/13/24 status update is for the:
Work Sharp Riser Upgrades

Orders are being fulfilled in the order they were received. 

You can check the date & time purchased as well as status of your order here.

Orders placed before January 1st will ship by 1/20/24.

Orders placed on January 1st up to January 7th will ship by 1/27/24.

Orders placed after January 8th will ship by 1/31/24.

Any questions can be directed to 

This limited production made by Seriously Fast Sharpening and is currently licensed. 

Work Sharp ELITE Riser Upgrade (SFS Edition) © 2024 by Seriously Fast Sharpening is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 

Any violators caught copying the design, distributing for a profit or any of the violations stated above will result in legal action.