EXPLAINED! The Work Sharp ELITE Riser Upgrade

Welcome to the official information hub for the Work Sharp ELITE Riser Upgrade - a revolutionary enhancement for the Work Sharp Blade Grinding Attachment. Designed with precision and user comfort in mind, our Riser upgrade transforms the blade sharpening experience by maintaining a consistent angle without the need to raise your hand.

What is the Riser Upgrade?

The Riser upgrade is a meticulously engineered 3D printed attachment that seamlessly fits onto the Work Sharp Blade Grinding Attachment. Its primary feature is the inclusion of an innovative mechanism that keeps the user’s hand steady, thus ensuring a consistent angle during the sharpening process. This upgrade is essential for anyone looking to achieve professional-level sharpness with minimal effort.

Development and History

  • Origin of the Idea The initial concept was developed by R/Potranko48 and R/timinator6, who graciously shared their innovation on public forums. Their original design set the foundation for what would become a crucial tool in precision blade sharpening.

  • Enhancements by Seriously Fast Sharpening Our team at Seriously Fast Sharpening has taken the Riser to the next level by integrating modern engineering techniques and adding several new features, including:

    • Magnets for enhanced stability of the blade.
    • Refined build measurements.
    • Upgraded materials.

      Evolution of the Riser Upgrade

  • Version 1.0: Conception The original version was introduced as a basic prototype focusing on proving the concept.

  • Version 2.0: Modifications After extensive testing and user feedback, modifications were made to improve functionality and user comfort.

  • Version 3.0: Refinement The current model, featuring refined mechanics and additional enhancements for better performance and durability.

  • Version 4.0: Coming Soon! Thanks to wonderful feedback, we are currently developing a new version that will introduce even more advanced features and improvements.